Card of the Day: The 4 of Cups

4 of Cups

Back in September, Pamelah Landers, and Cory Center did some work with me in which we discovered that three cards were standing in the way of the next step in my life. Those were the last three cards in the Tarot Deck I’ve been creating for the last seven years. Each of them is intense in its own way, but the last one, the 4 of Cups is transcendental and speaks so deeply to my view of awakening. There’s a pump that moves from the underworld to our world, and things go down and things come up. Constantly. The water changes to blood in the underworld, and then back to water. Blood to water. Water to blood. Constantly. What has given me succor in my time of transition is this: the knowledge that this is all part of the process of life, and a process not just to be endured but enjoyed.
Going up, or going down?