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Do you have a problem no one has been able to help you with?

  • Maybe it seems impossible to solve.
  • Maybe you can’t make it so everybody wins.
  • Maybe asking others to help has never worked out.

You may have implemented traditional business solutions that haven’t worked, or you may not be  traditional at all.

There are mysteries about your business. That is certain.

After everything you’ve done, something’s still missing. It’s almost like there is a threshold you can’t step over.  On the other side of it are the answers to those questions.

What you may not realize is that the answers exist in another place beyond your conscious understanding… There’s an in-between place where the answers live, and you need a good tool for going there and getting answers to those mysteries.

If you believe we are souls having a human experience, then part of that human experience is about learning how money and business work.

The physical world is a big part of everyone’s metaphysical lesson. We may be afraid to bring our soul—which we think is delicate—into the harsh realities of business, or we think we are better helping our business by escaping the the world using angels and prayer to bring us money without effort. Neither keeping the soul out or hiding in the spiritual plane works.

When you have tried what you know and it hasn’t worked, the last thing you need is more of that. Historically, the tarot has accessed something that hasn’t been considered before. I’ve seen it time and time again. You get pointed toward causes and effective solutions that you never dreamed existed. Tarot does this by bringing the highest levels of spirit down to your earthly problems. You may think those problems are ordinary. They are not.

If you only access your soul in your Meditation Room and your mind at your Business Desk, then, your business may stagnate, never get off the ground, or boom and bust constantly. When you try to shut down your spirit, which is a part of yourself, you end up shutting down your whole system. One part goes, it all goes.

Use your complimentary consultation for your business questions…

My name is Sage Lee.
Welcome to The School For Wizards.

At The School For Wizards, we help you in two ways. 

  • First, I welcome any and all questions about your life and business to be answered in a powerful session using the powerful Sage Tarot Deck. 
  • Second, I offer the opportunity to study the tarot to understand the principles of Western Hermetic Wisdom. This training is for the express purpose of helping to grow and evolve into the being into which you were born to become. It uses the Tarot cards, not for divination purposes, but to study ancient principles on which life is built.
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