Card of the Day: The 2 of Cups.

2-of-cups editGood love, pure love, everlasting love, fleeting love. There are hundreds of forms of love. Love is so simple and yet so complex that it has seized the imagination of poets and artists for millennia. Here, a dove, a swallow and a frigate bird all fly from the toast the couple is making. A summer day, perhaps at the beach, they toast their glasses of wine with only eyes for each other. They do not notice the snakes with human faces coiled upon the tree stump. Nor should they. Theirs is a moment of joy that is uninterruptible and incorruptible.

When you draw this card you are asked to look at the love, passion, friendship that exists in your life, or is being called up by the reading. The stump with snakes is a modified staff of Hermes, (or Mercury) the communicator. This card reminds us how far love can soar between two people who meet in joy and give each other the gift of clear communication.

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