Sage Lee

Hi, I’m Sage Lee, the Headmaster of The School for Wizards. I’ve spent a lifetime preparing for The School for Wizards.

I have always been a maker of things. I didn’t fit into the world of my peers. As a child, I wasn’t interested in dating, sports, or academics. I was only interested in making things, whether that was a drawing, painting, gadget or papier-mâché sculpture.

If there had been a school for wizards back then, I would have enrolled immediately.

Instead, I made “adult” things. I became an Art Director and Brand Strategist for international Fortune 500 companies like Apple Computer, taught design at the University of California, created award-winning artwork, and I did a show at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Not only did I work for Hi-tech companies, I worked out how to own and run a business, too.

But all the while I knew there was a greater calling that was pulling me forward, influencing everything I did. It wasn’t just about making things, it was about figuring out how people and the world worked.

That led me to study and master ways of understanding and mastering the self, things like NLP, the Enneagram, and psychological type. I became a Master Coach, with the techniques top executives use to transform their inner game.

That lead me to a lifelong study of metaphysics through a set of 78 Wisdom symbols called the tarot to understand the deepest levels of spirit and psyche.

Add all that together and you get someone who really cares about how people move through the world, and how they come to master that world.

In Spring 2011 I spoke the TEDx conference held in Santa Cruz California, where I talked about the miracle of surviving a tumble down a 300 foot cliff—inside of a car. You can see my talk on the TedX page here. It’s called My Vertical Gift: What the Cliffs of Big Sur Taught Me.

Now I have created the School for Wizards which helps to solve vexing business problems using the divinatory power of the Tarot. And for those who want to really master life, you may enroll in the School for Wizards where you will learn the Hermetic Tradition by studying the symbols of the Tarot and undergoing a series of initiations.

About the School for Wizards:

The School For Wizards teaches the middle way through the Western Mystery Tradition. This tradition is not religious and does not demand belief in a rigid set of principles. Instead, it encourages a direct perception of divine reality through mystical principles, much like Zen Buddhism, Tantra, and Sufism do. In each of these systems, the focus is internal and the movement is beyond duality. In the end, Internal and external forces blend for a kind of transcendence. This evolutionary movement from matter to spirit requires study and discipline and is rewarding only if pursued relentlessly and with dedication.

Here are some principles The School For Wizards is based on:

  • You are capable of what others might consider magic—we are all wizards.
  • That which appears as magic is simply technology, an application of the principles of the universe.
  • The invisible world exists.
  • This invisible world is a two-way street. We can influence it, and it can influence us. 
  • The invisible world can be mapped to the physical world by studying its relationships, or correspondences to the physical.
  • Everything is alive.
  • We grow through a series of challenges or initiations.
  • What is above is like that which is below, and what is below is like that which is above. To make the miracle of the one thing.

The School for Wizards offers live events and online training that do not teach magic tricks but instead help people have a direct experience of the transpersonal. 


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