Card of the Day: The Empress

3-The-empress082815You should be getting a taste of the power of the cards by now. The Fool, the Magician, the High Priestess represent the soul, the personality, the collective unconscious respectively. Maybe you can begin to think of the cards as representing, among other things, the process of ensoulment: the way the soul is captured by the body and is then set on a path of growth, governed both by karma and the choices made by the causal soul.

The empress in the form of the pregnant goddess Persephone, holds sheaves of wheat and snakes in her hands. She gazes directly at us, challenging us to the dual of live and death that she controls. The 12 stars of the zodiac float above her head, forming a floating crown. She has the lotus staff at her side, the staff that allows magic to be done in any sign of the zodiac, showing her dominion over time as well as life. This is the ever pregnant Empress, always expecting, always cycling, always harvesting. The cypress tree in the background, the symbol of the presence of death, indicate her dominion, as well, over death.

Her foot is resting on the crescent moon, showing her relationship to, and her understanding of her sister the High Priestess. The water in the background of her card joins the water that is in the High Priestess card.

Here is the link to the Empress puzzle online. It will help your study of the card to put together this online puzzle (and it’s fun, too.):

What do you think?