Card of the day – 9 of Plates

In this card, a girl in a pink dress is seen from above, having a picnic by herself in the woods. The meadow of green grass is cut by the shadows of the trees. A mockingbird flies toward her over the neat arrangement of 9 plates on the forest floor.

The astrological aspect of this card is Saturn in Virgo. The limits and boundaries of Saturn are expressed through the neat, methodical, almost obsessive sign of Virgo. The types of food have been separated, allowing her to subdivide her experience discreetly. This card is about the ability to parse and discern the world surrounding us in useful ways. She doesn’t need to conquer the bird in the card to be in tune with it. The figure in the card can allow the bird to sit in a nearby tree and do the useful job of reflecting back the way she interacts with the world. There is great prudence and wisdom in this orderly harvest from the land.

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