Card of the Day: Knight of Wands

Knight-of-wands-editThe Knight of wands here is represented by Hephaestus, the smith of the Gods, who was the only God of Olympus ever to return after exile, thereby rendering him revenant, or returning as if from the dead. The story of his exile varies, but it’s widely held that even though he was “shriveled of foot” he still enjoyed the company of many goddesses, including Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, love, and procreation.

The Knight of Wands rules over Mars and Jupiter in Sagittarius and the Moon in Scorpio. Sagittarius and Scorpio rule over the thighs and genitals respectively so therefore those parts are presented in this view of Hephaestus.

The Knight of Wands represents the mastery of unlimited creativity. At the forge of the gods, he crafts whatever is needed, and is a true master of the fire of creative spirit. Creativity is applying the mind to spirit, which the Knight of Wands does so well.

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