Card of the Day – 6 of Wands

6-of-wands-editThe astrological aspect of this card is Jupiter and Leo. And the result of this card is victory. And this kind of victory is an experience of deep victory or a victory that really touches you on the intuitive or spiritual level. You can see that the horse that the victor in the front is riding on is actually made of spirit. There is a sort of wispy smoky feeling to the horse itself. So, this is an indicator that this is a victory that is not on the earthly plane but on another plane entirely.

The athletes in the back are all holding their sticks up in victory as well. So the man on the horse is wearing a victory wreath and is holding up his medal that he’s won for winning, but everyone is holding up their wands in victory. This is a situation where there may be one victor that is parading in front of the others but all of the characters in this card feel victorious because this is the win-win victory of good business.

It’s the win-win victory that allows us to understand that in our business, when true victory has been achieved, it is at the mental, emotional, spiritual, and the physical level all at the same time. There are opportunities for you to expand in creative areas of your life now. And this card represents the aspect of creating creative win-win situations where you win and can wear the victory wreath and where everyone else in the situation can also win the victory wreath.

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