Card of the Day – 2 of Plates

2_of_PlatesThe 2 of Plates represents the concept of change. On the card are present the Ouroboros or worm that eats its own tail, the potent symbol for change. In other decks, this card is known as the concept of pleasant change.

But in your business, this card represents the eternal principle of change. Understanding and being resilient to the principle of change is very important in your business and in your life. Change is inevitable and should not be resisted.

The frequency of two is associated with the second sephora on the tree of life which is the Sephora of wisdom. The planet associated with this change is Jupiter. In other words, Jupiter in Capricorn.

This is a kind of positive, expansive change and a change of opportunity and a change that’s also solid and stable. This card indicates that it is possible to understand and set up a system of natural change within your business that is positive and balancing.

This card indicates to you that if you have processes or systems inside your business that had become stale or old, it is time to create a system that is responsive to change within that system.

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