Card of the Day: 8 of Plates

08-Plates-card-sm-editThe sign at the pottery studio shows the Egyptian God Ptah crafting the world egg. Ptah was the God of craftsmen, poetry and creation, capable, it is said of crafting even other Gods.

A potter with the tall hat of Osiris, the God-man who shapes plates on a potter’s wheel. Osiris is the Egyptian god of opening and manifesting good things. The plates are laid out to dry on shelves behind him, the star forms take shape as human figures. This is the pottery shop of the creator—and we are all creators. Yet, what this card is implying also is that when creating, patience and prudence are part of the process. Patiently sit at the wheel. Practice your craft, and wait while whatever you have crafted matures. In this card, it’s the clay drying. Be patient and wait till one step is finished before you begin the next. This way, the creator within you refines the ability to create with less effort. Sometimes, waiting is what is needed.

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