Card of the Day: 9 of Wands

9-of-wands-editThis is the card of great strength or strength in opposition. Your ability to succeed in any confrontation or battle, is dependent on your preparation. The figure in the 9 of wands is prepared for battle. He has at his disposal the Crook and flail of the Egyptian Pharaoh representing the power of leadership, the powerful Snake Staff of Moses representing the power of transformation, the Caduceus of Mercury representing the power of communication,  the wooden staff that looks like an organ of generation, representing the power of Sexual energy, the lotus staff representing the power of manifestation and magic. The two staffs with the heads on them are topped with the Cucutha, an unknown but gentle animal from ancient Egypt with an ear made of a feather, that represents the power of good and truth. In his hand, the man holds a simple wooden staff representing the power of simplicity. With all these ways of preparing for a conflict, you have more chances of victory that those who do not have access to these forms of power.

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