Card of the Day: 5 of Wands

5-of-wands-editThe five of wands is the card of strife. The astrological aspect of this card is the sun in Leo. And the sun always magnifies the basic strengths of the the sign in which it’s found. And in this case it magnifies the strengths to the point of frustration or strife.

The Strength card from the Sage Tarot Deck is related to the 5 of wands because the astrological correspondence of the Strength card is Leo. The Strength card shows a woman holding a lion’s mouth. In that card there is a beautiful presence of beneficence, a kind of detente between the woman and the lion. And when the sun shines here strongly this spiritual energy can be so intense that it moves into a moment of strife.

The woman and lion are bound together. Two entities bound together as one. The fire signs of the zodiac, like Leo, are always about spiritual energy and Leo is the most creative sign in the zodiac. So Leo is all about this aspect of creation – creation of art, creation from the womb. And when this aspect of creation goes overboard then you end up with frustration or strife. And that frustration or strife is actually created by holding back.

So allow the fire of yourself and your creativity and your bound energy to come out. Holding it back creates a state of frustration. So here are some ways that you can avoid the strife of the sun and Leo.

Get enough exercise and sleep. If you have a way to blow it out do that. Attend a rock concert and dance your brains out. Run five miles or ten miles a day if you want to. Strife, or anxiety is a state where your energy is held back or blocked or unmoving. And self limitation is what this is all about. The energy of Leo is the energy of total full self-expression.

And this card is about what happens when you hold that full self-expression back. You end up in a state of strife where your internal parts are fighting with each other because you have not recognized the true beauty of your spiritual self and not allowed it to run free.

Let the pig out.

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