Card of the Day: 3 of Plates

3-of-plates-editedThe 3 of Plates is associated with the planet of Venus in the constellation Capricorn. The 3 of discs is the card representing the ability to give something “the works.”

In the card, the three aspects of doing work, or creating “a work” are shown. The boy holds the plan for the gate, the priest holds the spiritual form or ideation of the gate—which is necessary for manifestation, and the iron worker actually creates the gate. Without all three, the gate would not be possible.

In this card, the gate leads to a far, green field, a kind of paradise on earth that indicates success. In this card is one of the keys to manifestation, the balanced approach which makes the creation of anything possible.

When you take the power of love and the creation of all things, indicated by the Venus (The Empress) and you put it in the constellation of Capricorn (The Devil) then you have the possibility for creating almost anything you want. The energy of the devil is like the energy of the trickster. It makes anything possible.

In your business, this card is a reminder to allow the triad of mind, spirit and body to guide any action that you might undertake in your business. The principle of giving someone the works in a balanced way or creating a work in a balanced way means that you must include all three of these elements.