Card of the Day: 7 of Swords

7-of-swords-editThe Seven of Swords is also known sometimes as futility or unstable effort.

If you look at the figure on the card, a man who might very well be an acrobat in a circus is actually carrying five swords in his arms in a way that could potentially damage him. The sharp blades of the swords are pressing against his inner elbow, on his bicep, and between the fingers of his right hand. This is a situation of great instability. He could get hurt with a single wrong move.

The two remaining swords are suspended, tied up in the typical formation of the Sword of Damocles which is a sword hanging over someone’s head tied by the tiniest of hairs. The frequency of Venus in Aquarius is the state of futility. It is the mind, and it’s the negative self-talk of the  mind that’s at work here in the swords.

The mind is telling us all of the negative self-talk of the planet Venus. This self-talk is saying, “Oh, I don’t care about this anyway. It doesn’t really mean that much to me. This doesn’t matter all that much.”

This kind of self-sabotage can lead to this feeling of futility. When this card comes up in business, it means that you are perhaps no longer willing to sabotage what it is that you want. This is a common problem in business that if it doesn’t get brought to the forefront of consciousness can actually be very harmful and dangerous to your business.

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