Card of the Day, The Page of Wands

Page of WandThe wands are all associated with Spirit, and the pages are always associated with earthly practicality. The Page of Wands takes the form of Calliope, the muse of the Greeks, who presided over eloquence and epic poetry. Said to be the muse for Homer’s epic works, the Iliad and the Odyssey, Calliope is a fitting representative of the form of mastery of the Page of wands: the mastery over blocks and obstacles. When the muse whispers in your ear, your blocks and obstacles disappear as if by magic.

The page of wands is associated with the entire season of springtime, when shoots and buds as well as new ideas and inspirations emerge.

When you draw this card it could be a symbol that you have already released an internal fear or obstacle, and you are already being renewed by the presence of the spontaneous freedom of the muse.