Card of the Day, 5 of Wands

image00I’ve saved my fives for almost the end of the deck because they are so intense. All four of the fives are associated with the Sephira of Severity on the tree of life. This is sometimes called strength. The energy of the five varies throughout the deck, but it can often be the kind of energy of Jesus driving the money changers from the temple. Really intense and angry in the service of the good.

The Five of wands shows five men fighting with long clubs or sticks. Their clubs form a lightning strike like the shape that occurs when tracing the sephira of the tree of life. This lightning bolt is the lightning bolt of involution, the drawing of spirit down into matter. What appears to be moonlight is actually sunlight with a black sky. Here’s the question for you with the five of wands: The only reason a black sky would occur would be in the absence of atmosphere. Why would there be a lack of atmosphere in this card? Comment below.