Card of the Day: The Hierophant

As an archetype, the Hierophant is a spiritual teacher in the context of family. He helps you make decisions in your business and life that involve matters of spirit, faith or family. When you need to make what seems like an impossible choice, or when you need to understand what to do to balance your business and your family, this card has wisdom for you. When you draw this card realize that your family or your faith may need to be examined for the answer to your question.

The Card:
The Hierophant sits in front of the Tori gate, symbol of the entrance into the sacred. He carries a scepter or wand to signify not power through dignity, but through the truth which is from good. His adepts wear the saffron robes of devotion, one with a rose on his or her robe, and the other with a lily. This represents the whole of life, from birth to death. The Hierophant’s robe is covered with symbols from many different languages, astrology, alchemy, number systems and symbols from ancient cultures. He has the world’s knowledge available and present to him at all times, yet he listens to divine guidance through his ear that is covered. His simple shoes indicate that despite his position on the platform, he is a simple and humble teacher.