Card of the Day: The Chariot

image08In the path represented by the Tarot, the Chariot represents a culmination of the first portion of the journey. You have learned everything you need to learn, and you are ready to set out on the next phase of life’s  journey. The charioteer is often represented with ancient chariot garb, but I believe that the suit of interstellar exploration is the appropriate garb for the 21st century. When we reach adulthood, we set out for the heavens in a sense. A metaphoric version of this could have happened when you started your business, or a first job out of school. What did you need to know in order to succeed?

In the Sage Tarot deck, the canopy of stars reveals itself to be a cloth with painted stars. What does this mean to you? The charioteer is a spaceman, insulated from the troubles of the world, yet self-contained and ready to go anywhere. Inside the spacesuit is everything he needs for survival. How is this like the process of maturation? This is the passage in life from childhood, wherein the basic structures of life have been learned or received, to the next stage, where different life lessons can begin.