Card of the Day: The card for the day is The Moon

18-The-moon082815Sometimes the answer to your most vexing problems in life or business comes down to the elements found in the moon card. Like the other archetypes, the energies in this card are big, larger than life. The two towers in the card act as gateways to the subconscious. No matter how familiar we are with a territory, the street on which you live, it can seem like a strange and foreign land in moon light. The big message of this card is “Pay attention to the small dark thing at the depths. Pay attention to your devotional and wild sides, and be willing to take the risk to walk through the gates into unknown territory.”

A black lobster peeks out from a clear reflecting pond. A domestic dog and a wolf stand at the edge of the pond. In the distance, two spiral towers guard the sacred mountain in the distance. Going this distance will require energy from you. Beyond the gateway of the towers, Mount Kailash beckons. Kailash, the most venerated holy place in the world and the least visited. It is also the mountain in Tibet whose circumnavigation will win you a ticket out of one lifetime of karma. The Hindus believe it to be the home of Lord Shiva, a god who personifies the extremes of human nature. The moon also beckons us into the extremes found in the collective unconscious. When we deal with the moon, we are dealing first with the reflected light of the sun, and that is compounded by the reflection of the moon in the water. Sometimes illusion is compounded by illusion. When we get in deep, sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to get out. Indeed this unknown territory can be alarming, and even disturbing, but need not be treacherous.

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