Card of the Day: Temperance

14-The-temperance082815The angel Michael, the archangel who is “like the most high” points the fire-breathing “torch” or flashlight at the eagle and pours water on the lion. The blacksmith’s anvil sits at the front of the card and a rainbow glows behind.

Have you ever felt like you were being dragged over hot coals in your business? Or had an interaction that felt like someone just threw cold water in your face? Have you noticed that as you move through life these experiences are making you stronger? This is the action of the Temperance card. The main figure is an angel, the archangel Michael, who is  the intermediary between goddess and humanity. The heating and cooling of water and fire tempers a piece of metal or glass to make it strong. On a molecular level, the tempering process is aligning molecules and creating strong bonds between them. On the metaphoric level, the concept of tempering is about creating wisdom. After a while these experiences make us stronger, and we no longer flinch when the fire or water hits us.