Card of the Day: Strength

8-Strength082815A beautiful woman, dressed in white holds the mouth of a lion with one hand, and with the other holds a ball or apple. She is able to do this with grace and fearlessness, just as a person who has tamed her inner lion has no fear that her animal nature will go out of control. You see this in men who are gentle, strong, and trustworthy, as well as in women who are relaxed, direct, and dropped into their receptive feminine power. Each is showing a balance of masculine and feminine that allows the flowers of beauty to bloom between them, as they do in the card.

The strength card is a card of balanced strength. Feminine and masculine strength in the form of the woman and the lion are equally balanced. There is no power over here, only a shared, intimate, relaxed and balanced power that trucks no machismo. This is the power of beneficence. When you draw this card, it draws your attention to this balanced form of power. Are you balanced or imbalanced? If this image creates disturbance or anxiety for you, it may mean that you need to balance your masculine and feminine power.

The Card

Leo is the cardinal fire sign of the zodiac and is associated with creativity. In many traditions the constellation Leo is associated with a great female goddess. For the Greeks, it was Rhea, wife of Saturn and mother of Zeus. Throughout history, our associations with Leo refer to men or women, many of them larger-than-life characters who have presided over wild animals like the lion and represent fearlessness and courage. This card shows us that courage can come through vulnerability.

Symbols unique to the card

Behind the woman and the lion, the analemma is drawn in the sky. Also known as the lemniscate, from the latin Lemniscus, meaning ribbon, the analemma represents the position of the sun at noon over an entire year. Before the advent of electronic navigation, and using only a sextant and the date, mariners could calculate their latitude anywhere on earth using the information in the analemma. In the same way, if you know your inner strength, you can navigate anything that life brings you.