Card of the Day: Chariot

7-The-chariot082815This is a very non-traditional chariot. Just look at it. It has no wheels. The beasts that would pull it are not even attached, and they are both sphinx’s, perhaps the most enigmatic imaginary creature in existence. The chariot driver has everything he or she needs to withstand the extremes of any life environment. The Charioteer can pay attention to his or her own stillness. This card is about the paradox of change and stillness. Here is part of that paradox: There are no wheels on the chariot, yet it is a vehicle. If that’s true, where does your vehicle want to go?

Cancer Rules the time of the Summer Solstice, going from approximately June 21st to approximately July 22nd. The energy of Cancer is deep, spiritual, and represents both the sun at it’s highest power and the moon. Cancer often represents the “mystic marriage” of alchemical opposites. Drawing this card means that there is some essential paradox that is living with you or inside you, maybe something that involves both your intellectual as well as your emotional self.

In the Sage Tarot deck, the canopy of stars reveals itself to be a cloth with painted stars. What does this mean to you? The charioteer is a spaceman, insulated from the troubles of the world, yet self-contained and ready to go anywhere. Inside the spacesuit is everything he needs for survival. How is this like the process of maturation? This is the passage in life from childhood, wherein the basic structures of life have been learned or received, to adolescence, where different life lessons can begin.