Card of the Day: King of Swords

King-of-Swords-editThe king of swords rests his sword on his shoulder and contemplates life. He wears an iron crown, and his throne site a few feet away. He’s able to sit on his throne whenever he wants to output wisdom, but he stands in contemplation to gather it. The figure of the king is based on the Doryphoros of Polyclitus, a sculpture that represents the ancient Greek ideal of proportion. For Polyclitus, beauty resided not in the appearance of an individual part, but the relation of all parts to each other. So it is with the kind of mastery practiced by the King of Swords, intentionality and inspired thinking. The alignment of action, mind, and heart is indication by the three birds, the swallow, Frigate bird and Dove. His iron crown is forged by heat and cold to be strong and practical, not showy. Not only are the proportions of the body of the the King of Swords perfect in relation to one another, the same proportions exist in his kingdom. He is able to easily manifest whatever he wants with proportional and ecological intentionality.

When you draw this card, it means that you, or someone in your life are called upon to inhabit the mastery of intentionality and inspired ecological thinking.

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