Card of the Day: 10 of Wands

10-of-wands-editA man in an Egyptian wrap-around garment called a shendyt carries a load of sticks. They seem at the point of being out of control or slipping out of his grasp. Underneath him, in the ground: a germinating seed, a fish skeleton, and a worm. Before him, in his path: a hole. Above him, the sun beats down with ten rays.

The astrological connections in this card are the sun in Sagittarius. The doing, active energy of the sun lives in the energetic, independent, enterprising energy of Sagittarius. This can result in overdoing it, taking on more than you can handle, which can potentially create a situation where you cannot see the hole in the ground right before you that could trip you up. When you are in this constant doing state, carrying sticks from one place to another, you often are not aware of the cycle of life that goes on beneath everything, the cycle of life and death that produces new things is hidden from you temporarily.

When you draw this card, you are being asked to look at how you burden yourself unnecessarily with work that may not be important. What else is there to notice if you put your attention elsewhere? What else might you notice if you just stop the busy work and begin to dig.

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