Card of the Day: 3 of Cups

3-of-cups-editThis is the Card of abundance and joy. When you draw this card you are invited to take stock of how laughter and joyous play affect your mood and the very fabric of your life. All three figures on the card are joyful, but the ones on either side are belly laughing. The man holds a piece of fruit, perhaps, an apple, and the woman toasts her glass while coyly holding a leaf over her genitals. The man holds his glass as if he’s about to throw it, or it is about to slip out of his hand because he is laughing and splashing in the water-soaked field. The hermaphroditic figure in the center holds a lock of her hair up with one hand while smiling broadly. Beneath each one is a piece of fruit representing harvest. This card represents the full range of the human condition, from female to male and in between, recognizing that joy is available to all of us no matter where on the continuum from being (feminine) to doing (masculine) we are. Find something to giggle about today.

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