Card of the Day: 10 of Plates

10-of-plates-editTypically the card of wealth, the 10 of plates shows the joyful spinning of plates. Plates at all levels of morality and spirituality are shown spinning effortlessly and joyfully. The astrological aspect of this card is venus in Virgo. The planet of love and emotional connection is in the constellation of analytical precise and reliable Virgo. This is a reminder that real wealth comes from joyfully approaching your life and being amused and grateful for everything. A genie is spinning four plates representing the All-in-everything aspect of God, wisdom, understanding and mercy. Two girls spin the plates associated with the emotions and the mind, while a dog spins the purple plate associated with the astral plane. A single empty plate represents our earthly plane. Or is it empty. It seems to be where the genie originates. The 10 of Plates is full of the mystery of life.

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