Card of the Day: 10 of Cups

10-of-cups-editI chose the 10 of cups today. A decidedly straight-laced Victorian family looks directly at us. Their external appearance is somber. Or rather, mixed. If you looking at the mother and father in the picture after faces are smiling, And the other half are neutral. The children are simply looking expectantly, Knowing that Joy is just outside them. The dog, In some ways, represents them all. He stands on his hind legs holding his front paws up and dating position. For animals, this kind of behavior is known as a trick. This is the same kind of trick that we do when we pose for a picture. This is the image that the family wants us to have of them. But joy lurks just many the exterior, Or in this case just above their heads. There are many faces of joy, just like there are many cups on the rainbow flag above their heads. The sun with 10 shining rays above their heads also reminds us that all of the tens in the tarot are associated with the tree of life. The 10 Sephira on the tree of life are a map to both involution, The drawing down of the soul and the body and our earthly experience, and evolution, the waking of the soul within the body to the soul’s purpose and the great work of soul growth.

When you draw this card, You are asked to look at the external expression of joy in the world. You are being asked to notice how your mask, Or facade, is hiding what is beneath the surface. The classic name for this card is”Happiness”, however, the picture of the sun in Sagittarius is more complex than just simple happiness. Sagittarius people will always speak the brutal truth, But it can come out seeming harsh, Just like the tight laced Victorian Family on the card. What belies the true nature of the 10 of cups is this beautiful yellow dog, willing to go the extra distance for the family. Do you have full access to your happiness? Have you noticed that real happiness comes only when you accept the shadow side of yourself, Whether that is tight-laced Victorian self, or angry self, or sad self. Real happiness comes when all parts of ourselves are  accepted.

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