Why is the Tarot a great tool?

Tarot can help you solve your business problems how? Using the tool is simple. Ask a powerful question, create a spread where aspects of the problem will be addressed, in specific locations and then place cards from a well-shuffled deck onto those locations. There’s no obvious left-brain reason why it should work, but it does. 

It probably works the same way Edward de Bono’s Po system works, by associating a principle or archetype (what the cards are providing) with a problem space (what you are providing) and what you get are creative solutions that you may never have thought of before. 

If you just can’t release your rational mind and accept that something amazing might come from this method, then move on to find something that works for you. No hard feelings. I will tell you that I’ve been employing this method for decades in solving a huge variety of problems, and I have never had a person tell me that the wrong card has been turned over. 

What is the Tarot?

The tarot is a set of 78 cards that are used to gain insight into particular questions or problems. They are also a codex of knowledge that is key to the Western Hermetic tradition, sometimes known as the Western Mystery Tradition. The Tarot deck originated in the mid-fifteenth century as a deck with which to play a game called Trionfi, later Tarrocchi. The keys and symbols to ancient wisdom were applied later. However, the wisdom the cards contain comes from a tradition that is much older than the mid-fifteenth century. The cards are broken into three sections, 22 Trump cards that represent archetypes more powerful than humans, 40 numbered cards, or pips, which contain principles for living.The final subset of cards within the deck is the set of 16 royals,  4 royals in each of 4 suits that represent ways of being, and human mastery. 

What does the tarot do?

The tarot can be a divinatory oracle. This doesn’t mean that the tarot can see the future, nor that there is someplace where the rules don’t apply. Nope. Everything in the universe operates by the same laws, and prediction is hard, especially of the future. Instead, divination seeks insight into a question or situation by going beyond the known, into the the unknown Some call that the divine. The divine can be seen as God, the gods, or simply as that enormous part of the universe that is unknown to us—the 96% of the universe scientists now postulate is made up of dark matter and dark energy. 

Why does a well-formed question to the Tarot get such a powerful answer?

To tell you the truth, no one really seems to know. That’s how a mystery works, right? Some believe that the cards are random, and therefore present ideas that the closed-off, shut-down conscious mind has never considered. Essentially they stimulate creativity. Others believe that the tarot accesses powers that are from another place, powers that are willing to act on our behalf. Others believe, like I do, that they come to us through a process that we cannot determine, which appears random, but is in fact governed by ordinary forces, just ones that we cannot perceive. (Think of that 96% of the universe that is composed of Dark Energy and Dark Matter.)

If you are curious enough to ask a question of the tarot, I am available to facilitate that question. Schedule with me here.