School for Wizards
Vision Quest Retreat

Are you at a place in your life where you need clarity about your life and business?

If you are at a crossroads and don’t know the direction your life should take, The School for Wizards Vision Quest Retreat will give you access to hidden wisdom.

Are you lying awake at night worrying about your next step?

If you are unsure of your life path, the contact with purpose and soul will allow you to discover a new, compelling vision, or rededicate to an existing life vision.

Are you not sure if the messages from your intuition are really the right thing?

You’ll learn a way to get answers directly from elemental nature.

Or maybe you aren’t sure if it’s intuition or just your worrying mind in disguise?

You’ll clear the clutter in your mind so that you can understand and discern the intuition of the soul from the tricks of the mind.

Do you want direct access to the mysteries of life?

You won’t have to worry about your purpose or direction any more, unless you want to.

Here’s My Story

My life was fantastic, at least from the outside.

I had a successful brand consultants business, & I was helping people figure out who they were, what they did, and why it mattered in the world. seems ideal, right?

Well, Spirit had another idea. I kept getting very clear messages of the kind of teaching that I was supposed to be doing, teaching that awakened people, teaching that enabled people to become greater than they were, or really to just behave as great as they already were. but, I resisted this.
I mean I really resisted this.

This is sort of what it was like, resisting.

Now, spirit shows up for me as a kind of voice that I can hear in my head. It might not show up that way for you, but it’s disturbing and annoying, sometimes, when the voice is in your head and its really loud. The voice was telling me to teach people about the invisible world. Show people how to wake up from the dream we’re living in.

But, I was not having any of it.

I actually talked back to spirit (something that, in the end, is not very productive, but very illuminating if you listen to how it answers back).

I said, “Can’t you see I’m busy. I’ve got work to do.”

But the work I really had to do was different than the work I thought I had to do. The work I really had to do was to accept the vision that was thrust unceremoniously on me from this guide.

When I did that, The Voice no longer spoke. It didn’t have to.

All I had to do was accept the divine paradox of what does voice was telling me, that my weirdness, the thing that made me completely unique, was also the thing that would make me successful.

What we will do in the vision quest

The vision quest is an an ancient rite across numerous cultures. It is a rite of initiation for both men and women wanting to clarify life purpose and meaning. In a vision quest, you ceremonially and ritually descend into the underworld, and die to your familiar way of being in the world, and discover the wisdom of your soul. When you brave this initiation, the gift you bring back is the gift that has been given to you, that no one else can bring to the world. What you uncover allows you to discover the path of real service to others.

During the vision quest, you will encounter your soul by setting aside ordinary reality in 4 ways.

  • You will be in solitude for two days.
  • You will fast (water only).
  • You will be exposed to and held by nature.
  • You will enact ceremonies and practices.

These will support you in engaging the internal mysteries of your psyche, and the external mysteries of nature

Our vision quest takes place over 6 days, 2 of which are preparation days for the vision quest, 2 spent in the wilderness, and 2 spent in decompression.

The retreat happens in a beautiful, natural location.

During the two preparation days, we work with dreams, writing, ritual, imagery, drumming and dance, learning about the concept of council. These all help prepare us to exit our daily lives and access something wilder, an intelligence outside ourselves.

You will spend two days fasting, with water only, engaging the mysteries of soul and the planet. You will learn ceremonies to do during your vision quest to birth your vision. You will pray. You will grieve. You will access the mystery of your soul in a way that you may have never done before.

You will return for the last two days, where you will integrate your experience, and prepare to take your vision to the world.

No camping or backpacking experience is required.

Participants are responsible for their personal camping gear for the overnight in the forest. Details will be included in the preparation materials sent out after you register.

What people say about the School for Wizards


Sage Lee inspires magic in the hearts, minds, and realities of his students. The world is a better place because of the creations of Sage and his wizards.
—Dr. Dianne Frost


I had a blast at this School for Wizards retreat. I was not very prepared and did not need to be. I just came with an open mind and gained an unexpected amount of clarity and confidence. Thank you!
—Will Allen-Dupraw


This Manifesting Weekend changed my life! All of the practical simple processes will be easy to include in my everyday routine—and the powerful magic that I felt from them is so exciting! I can’t wait to share some of them. This workshop is a must for anyone wanting to have all that they desire.
—Victoria Buckmann

Leora Katz

This helped me stretch my boundaries and reconnects two pieces of myself that had gotten buried.
– Leora Katz

Shellie Nelson

Sage is masterful at providing the space and tools for transformation. This workshop is beautifully structured and open at the same time.
– Shellie Nelson

Megan Walrod

This program combines all of the best ingredients – ritual, story Telling, wisdom teaching, community all in a retreat setting, resulting in reminders of how connected and supported we are.
– Megan Walrod

This program is for you if you are ready to move forward in your life and let source be your gps.
– Deborah Oppenheim 

Willingness + Joy = Transformation
– Tina Myers 

It is about re-birth and transforming our lives a day at a time with tools of wisdom from Sage.
– Charlene Arrigale 

Sage is so genuinely following his calling! And provides a wealth of wisdom that just pours through him. He clearly embodies what he teaches. I trust Sage! Thank you! X0X
– Hannah Idalia

A beautiful, lovingly thought out space for important life inquiry.
– Alex

Sage’s program is a powerful transformational weekend that will leave you feeling more connected to the divine, to the people in your life, to the community of people whom you  see through the weekend and to yourself.
– Rachel Cooley

The program created a safe place to explore, discover, understand how I hold myself back… And I learned ways to empower myself to become action oriented… More present… More effectual… To do my big game, my dream, my vision.
– Samuel Schoonover

This program uses vast knowledge, skills and resources that use group intention and power to create personal/individual change- more easily than we can do on our own.
– Carol Daly 

The investment in your Vision Quest is priceless, but the actual investment is $3,332.

Accomodations are included for all 5 days you are not on the actual Vision Quest.

All meals are included, including water for your time in nature.

If you have a coupon code, enter it below. If you do not have a coupon, enabling you to get half off the investment in the vision quest, contact Sage Lee at [email protected]

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About Sage Lee

Sage Lee has spent a lifetime preparing for the School for Wizards. As a child, Sage didn’t fit into the world of his peers. He wasn’t interested in much except making and creating things. He sensed the pulsing invisible world that sits just beneath this one.

If there had been a school for wizards back then, he would have enrolled immediately.

Instead he became an Art Director and Brand Strategist for international Fortune 500 companies… taught design at the University of California… created award-winning art work, including a show at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. All the while he knew there was a greater calling.

That greater calling led him to study and master coaching forms like NLP, the enneagram and psychological type. He became a Master Coach, learning the exact techniques top executives use to transform their inner game.

That calling also lead him to the study of Qabballah, metaphysics, and the tarot archetypes to understand the deepest levels of spirit and psyche.

Add that together and you get a person who really understands how people come to manifest what they desire.

In Spring 2011 he spoke the prestigious TEDx conference held in Santa Cruz California, where he talked about the miracle of surviving a tumble down a 300 foot cliff—inside of a car.

Now Sage has created the School for Wizards which helps teach the science of magic to business owners looking for the next level they know is not going to come from business coaching alone.


About the School for Wizards:

The school for wizards is dedicated to bringing magic back into the world. The Personal division is dedicated to bringing magic into our personal lives, and the Business Division desires to bring the principles of magic back into the work place and into business practices.

The principles of magic are,

  • We are all capable of magic. We are all wizards.
  • Magic is Technology that can be learned.
  • The invisible world exists.
  • This invisible world can be influenced by our actions.
  • This world can be mapped by correspondences to our physical world.
  • We grow through a series of challenges or initiations.

The School for Wizards offers live events and online trainings that not only teach people magic, but seek to turn people into beings that are capable doing magic.

The school for wizards exists to empower everyone to become aware of their miraculous powers and to be able to use them.

Questions You Might Have

I'm uncomfortable in the woods. I don’t camp. Will it be safe?

It’s understandable, that if you haven’t spent any time in the woods, that the woods would be frightening to you. After all there are many living beings in the woods that you may not be used to seeing. Here’s what to remember: One, the Vision Quest is meant to be a sacred initiation, and therefore is not designed with creature comforts in mind. You can’t simultaneously take yourself outside of your normal habits and patterns and stay in them. This removal from ordinary reality is one of the gifts that the vision quest gives you. And initiation is part of becoming an adult human. You have two days to prepare. With just a few hours of prep, people can walk on fire.

I'm OK in the woods but I've never gone 48 hours without food or water I don't know if I can do it.

The human body is amazingly resilient it can go for days without food and water. if you’ve never been on a fast before it can seem unusual, and you may fear that your hunger may become unbearable. However, the opposite is true. There is a peace and calm that comes over your system when it knows the vessel of your body is being emptied so that new information can flow in.

The whole thing scares me. I'm afraid


Spending a day out in the woods alone can be frightening, especially if you have never done it before. But consider the gifts. You get to slow down enough from the rat race of modern civilization to experience the evanescent beauty and mystery of nature.

Also, consider the support. The whole Vision Quest has been set up to enable you to have a powerful initiatory experience, in as safe a vessel as possible. you’ll be positioned so that you can’t see each other, but help is available in any direction you choose to go. You’ll have a way to signal your guides if you are in real trouble.

Also, consider this. You will never know if you can move past these fears unless you take the plunge. The first two days are dedicated to addressing these issues so that you can have the most powerful communion with spirit possible.

This is a whole week out of my life. How do I know that it will be worth it?

I’ll ask you this question: How do you know that anything you do will be worth it? You evaluate it in terms of what you know. What results have others had? What is your level of trust? And finally, and most important, What is your intention? The School for wizards Vision Quest Retreat is set up to provide the container for you to do the work. No one can guarantee anything if you don’t do the work. This work is more valuable than any regular workshop, because you get to be in a completely different element, and learn powerful rituals and ceremonies. It’s more valuable than a vacation, because you get to do deep work while being fed and housed in comfort. All meals supplied. What could be better than that?