­­­­­­My Skills and Knowhow

plumb propane gas heater

general plumbing skills

Pex and Copper, plastic and steel pipe

Internet plumbing, ie routing logic with small and

somewhat large ISPs (a bit antique at this point)

Cisco routers and switches, wifi stuff.


         Framing and foundation

         Roofing and roof framing


         Window installation (esp in weatherproofing)


         Bathroom design and construction

         Room additions

         Decks, Saunas

         Landscape construction

         Flooring installation (pergo, tile, some hardwood, engineered)

         Stairs (that withstood highwater after Katrina)

         Estimating and bidding

         Water damage repair

         Drywall installation and repair

         Lighting design and installation

         Painting (interior and exterior)

         Basic electrical wiring for residential.

         Basic data wiring for high tech and residential.

         Some skills with Solar and off grid as of Dec 11.

Art Design Media:

         Website design and deployment

         Photoshop image manipulation and optimization

         Video editing, optimization for web

         Sculptural design and building

         basic Arc welding, and metal work (grinding, sanding, shaping)

         Furniture construction, design

         Sketchup, 3D-design ops

         Creative writing and concept development


         Gaga intensive study 2017 Aug with the Batsheva ensemble

         Butoh over period of 18 years with masters from Hijikata and Ohno lineages, Dance on Land

         Classes with Anna Halprin

         Performances, shows, and choreography over 18 years

         Gurdjieff Movements at SF G foundation 2001-2010


Instrumental playing

         Baritone guitar


         Bass Guitar

         Ableton, and other computer-based production/recording

         Build and play other instruments

         AA Music composition and analysis

         Pro audio systems for live and recorded music

         Studied guitar under Robert Fripp off and on 20 years

         Cello studies (classical) with Irina Pelman 10 years


         Russian (read, write, speak)

         Finnish (read, write, speak)

         French (read, write, speak rudimentary)

         Italian (rudimentary)



         Forklift (basic training)

         Photo printing machinery (antique knowledge)

         Semiconductor manufacturing

                  (kilns, thin film deposition, BPSG testing)

         CNC router (large format)


         MacOS (expert knowledge)

         Windows (incomplete knowledge)

         Unix/Linux Ubuntu, CentOS, Solaris

         Routers, switches, hubs

Web Ops:

         WordPress developer (expert knowledge)

         PHP/JS rudimentary knowledge (can read code, not a coder)

         Registrar/Hosting provider

         e-Commerce developer

         Multimedia developer

         Security consultant

         Disaster prep and recovery for web


         Project management tools and skills

         Distance learning and management tools

         Good people skills (empathy and communication)

         Resource conservation and deployment


         Downhill skiing






         Distance running