Queen of Plates Redux…

Queen-of-Plates-editGood morning. I chose the queen of cups again today.

My original posting from the Queen of Cups is in the next two paragraphs, and I’ve added more information below that, especially about what it means when you draw this card.

The Queen of Cups is the queen of the food we put into our bodies. She has mastered diet and nutrition, and is well aware of the fact that we are what we eat, literally. The Queen of Plates has her finger, or her spoon, on the mystery of food that few ever think of. The food we eat doesn’t just pass through us. The molecules of the food become the molecules of our blood, our flesh and our bones.

She embodies this mystery in the regular practice of communion, practiced in ancient religions long before its appearance as part of the Christian faith. This is my body, eat. This is my blood drink. This flesh and blood that becomes ours was originally the flesh and blood of the mother earth, who is the true provider of our sustenance.

The queen of cups is the watery part of earth. Metaphorically this is the emotional part of the practical world, represented by your body. If you think of this literally, the watery part of earth is mud, and mud creates a much more emotional reaction than just soil. You want to avoid it or get it between your toes. Mud is either yum or yuck. So it makes sense that she’s the queen of nutrition and the balance of emotions and body. She has completely conquered emotional eating, and is in touch with the joy and pleasure of food that is good tasting as well as nutritious.

When you draw this card, it is a reminder that you have everything you need to eat and manage your body in a healthy way through nutrition. This may mean that you need to get in touch with negative emotions that are causing overeating, or it could mean that you are invited to have a more nuanced approach to good tasting food. Notice whether you are eating for immediate pleasure or eating so that your body feels good all day long. You can choose to prepare and eat delicious food today.

The royalty cards also can indicate a person, so, in the context of the spread, notice if the kind, happy queen in the card reminds you of anyone in your life. What is the deeper meaning of their relationship with you? What does it mean that you chose this card now?