Mechanics of magic.

image12I am always cruising the internet for evidence of the effectiveness of magic, and there is lots of it. In the coming weeks, I’m going to post some of what I’m finding. It ranges from common sense applications to theoretical physics. I’ll ask a series of practical questions about each topic.

Today’s topic is the labyrinth.

What is the practical use of a labyrinth?
A labyrinth is a device for tuning the rational and irrational area of our brains. The advantage of this is that both the intuitive ( right brain) and the rational (left brain) are required for creative decision making. When you make decisions from too much of either side of the brain you run into problems. Left brain dominated decisions are often fine in the moment. They usually take into consideration all the practical aspects of the situation and the path laid out by the left brain is very ordered, predictable, but often boring. You may take exactly the same route to work every day. It keeps you safe, more or less, and you get to work on time, more or less.

If the right brain makes the decisions all the time, using that same example, you might take a different route to work every day, or even decide that going to work is boring, and you want to chase butterflies or take a long walk instead of going to work. Right brain dominance moves you more toward chaos.

In a balanced left-right brain, you might occasionally get a flash of inspiration to take a different route to work, and suddenly discover a new, excellent coffee shop, or a beautiful view that becomes your favorite.

A labyrinth balances your left and right brain, in a similar way that other games and exercises do. A labyrinth is not a maze. A labyrinth has one way in and one way out. Still, we get confused.

Maria Hayden from the Geomancy Group says:

Even though we know that we cannot physically get lost within the space, we lose track of where we are, becoming disorientated. Our confused brains temporarily get out of the way, allowing us to find stillness and hence to delve deeper within as we move beyond the mundane to a more meditative, intuitive, or creative state of being.

The additional juice of a labyrinth is that it uses Geomancy, or energy magic that is contained in the earth, to add to the effectiveness of the brain balancing activity. There are certain places on the earth where it is easier to contact spiritual energies, whether or not they have a labyrinth on them, and labyrinths are usually built on those spots.

Whether you walk a labyrinth for connecting the left and right brain together, or whether you walk a labyrinth to get in touch with higher level spiritual energies, it’s rewarding and useful. You’ll feel better and make better decisions after walking a labyrinth.

You can often find them in churches or on private property. This site guides you in locating labyrinths in your area. Let me know your experience walking the labyrinth.