Is something out of whack with your life and business, even after all the coaching and training?

Give me three days and I’ll teach you magical skills that will help you create a sustainable, ecological life and business!

This three-day live event doesn’t teach you cheap tricks, but helps craft you into a wizard who can do the impossible.

Do you understand that the game you need to win is
 beyond your inner game?
There is plenty of training and coaching available to help you learn the basics of business and get your inner game working.
But what you may not realize is that your mojo comes from an invisible world of power that actually exists.

And this invisible world can be used to get you more of what you want.
You were designed to get exactly what you want.
You were born a Wizard!
But here’s the thing.
You’ve forgotten some things you once knew about being a wizard.
And on the other hand you haven’t yet learned some of the special powers you were born with.

Here’s how to tell if you need more wizard training:
  • You feel trapped by the pressure to constantly grow your business
  • You are fed up with fear-based marketing and you want off the hamster wheel
  • You don’t like to manipulate or be manipulated by others and you don’t see any other way to be successful
  • You know this isn’t all there is, and yet you don’t know how to find the missing piece
  • You’ve done business coaching, masterminds, worked on your inner game, and something still feels off
If this is you, then

your Wizard Training is Finally Here… Three Days in November with Sage Lee

Wizard training is actually fun. And magical mastery used to be taught as a matter of course.

Let me define Wizard and Magic before we go further:

A wizard is a person of either gender who is living their life the way life was designed to be lived, with a balanced feeling of power, and with the knowledge and skills to do things others might think impossible.

Magic is  a set of tools and techniques that Wizards can use to influence probability in the direction of what they desire. When Wizards do this effectively, it can seem like they are doing the impossible, but Wizards are living by the same universal laws as everyone else.

The wisdom you need already exists to manifest whatever you want.

Magic is actually Powerful Technology.

It’s compelling to act like everyone else, to pretend you are powerless, that you have no magical power…

But what is the eventual cost of living like that?



  • You want to learn how to run your business ecologically, and live your life the way it was meant to be lived
  • You want to activate the power of love and magnetism to create a connection more powerful than any fear
  • You want to be empowered, and serve others without hesitation
  • You want to activate your curiosity and creativity
  • You want to be able to navigate the terrain of the invisible world

Then, please join me in the only live course The School for Wizards is doing in 2015,

The Power of Magic: Harnessing Invisible Power

You have the option to ignore your greatness.
There’s nothing that says you to have to step up and be a Wizard…
There are plenty of people who say No to their Wizard Self.
But, believe it or not, your life is not about you.
It’s about who you are here to serve.
So I’m asking you to wake up to your Wizard Self for the people you are here to searve, and I’m giving you tools to do it.
Look, this stuff works, and it always has.

We now know why it works because we are proving that wizardry is science.

These are the same teachings that Leonardo DaVinci, Michaelangelo, King Solomon, Debbie Ford, Greek Philosophers, and leaders throughout time and history have used to create successful lives using the same Wizard skills that are available to all of us.

Wizardry doesn’t require big intellect or special brain wiring.

You may think “Others could do this wizard thing, but not me”, but nothing could be further from the truth. These techniques and ways of being are simple, time-tested, and obvious. Anyone can do them. They’ve been hidden in plain site for centuries.

How do you study the invisible?

In the School for Wizards we study things by direct experience. When you come to The Power of Magic, you won’t learn theory. You’ll put magic into practice starting from the moment you walk in the door.

My Story…

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 1.45.48 AM
I use the magical tools I teach every day to bring gifts into my life.
But in the past, I was reluctant to  teach magic.

Part of me would say, “You can’t do that, people aren’t interested in the invisible world. No one will believe you.” Then another voice would come out of the blue, and say “This stuff works, Why aren’t you teaching it?”

Then I would talk back to the voice: “Can’t you see I’m busy? I’ve got things to do!”
But apparently Spirit is stronger than me (big surprise, huh?) So I finally said yes…
And the School for Wizards was born.
All I did was say yes to the impossible divine paradox of my life.

Yes, your life is a paradox!

And you can Honor the paradox by stepping away from the mundane, and start to use your mind and body like they were built to be used.
In the School for Wizards we study spells, potions, incantations and rituals using their more common names: Language patterns, personal intention, prayers, art and ceremonies.
I designed The Power of Magic: Harnessing Invisible Power to address this paradox, and allows you to learn the Wizarding skills you should have been taught in childhood..

Do you really want to drift back into the mundane muggle world?

There are rules, laws, practices and ways of living that have been laid out for thousands of years. The keys to wizardry have been buried in plain site. They don’t even have to be dug up. But they are only available to those who are open to them, those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

This is your invitation to come learn the basics of wizardry and magic with me in a live, three-day event.

Learning the secrets of Magic and Wizardry is really priceless, but this full three-day weekend is an investment of only $997 to get access to the secret of wizardry.
And because you’ve come in by special invitation I’m giving you a special discount code to get over 60% off of the event investment.
Just click the big yellow button below and enter “friend” in the discount code section of the order form. That will give you $800 off of the total, bringing your total investment to
only $197.

The Human System…

Where’s the Instruction Manual?


You can’t be blamed for not knowing how to use this engine of creativity inside of you.

No one ever sent an instruction manual with it.

Or at least that’s what they told us. There actually is an instruction manual for you to use. It can produce whatever you want. We just forgot how to find it. This owner’s manual lived in plain sight through the ages, and now it is available to you.

The problem is the original sources use arcane language that most people don’t understand anymore.

Well, I have dusted off the human owners manual and translated it into everyday language.

From it, I’ve created a set of practices that will let you to use your creation engine now.

Sound exciting? Well let’s go!

In The Power of Magic: Harnessing Invisible Power, you’ll learn these things:


1. Manifestation: The Path of Creation

On the Path of Creation, you will learn what you need to do any action, project or undertaking. If you don’t follow the steps of the Path of Creation, you can’t actually move forward. The Path of Creation teaches you how move from inspiration to action.
In the Path of Creation model, you’ll learn

  • how to manifest what you want out of thin air
  • the secret of “The Secret”, what the book left out
  • The four worlds of magical creation, and why you can’t enter them out of order

2. Spells: The Path of Personal Power

In the Path of Creation, you will learn what you need  to do anything. If you don’t follow the steps, you can’t actually move forward. The Path of Creation gets you clear what needs to happen to take a project from the world of inspiration into the world of action.

In the Path of Persona Power you’ll get:

  • a technique to get clear and fast guidance on any topic
  • the scientific reason why magic actually works
  • the structure to create magic that works to get you what you want.

3. Incantations: The Path of Prayer

In the event you’ll learn these things about Incantations:

  • What actually happens when you make a request to God
  • How to protect yourself when you stir powerful forces in the universe
  • What kinds of prayer requests work best for getting results

4. Rituals: The models of magic

Rituals have been around for tens of thousands of years. And we are just beginning to understand them. In their structure lies the key to modeling and then getting what you want.

On the Models of Magic Path you’ll learn:

  • How to create a model for anything you want
  • The five-fold structure of every ritual
  • How your community contributes to your wealth

You’ll also get to experience the power of ritual first-hand. We’ll do some!

Soul-strengths-reading cropped

5. Correspondences: The Path of Invisible Power

Studying the invisible requires that we have a model for the invisible plain right here on earth. Studying the relationship between this world and the invisible world is key to almost all real magical work. Those relationships are called correspondences.

In the Path of Invisible Power of the workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Four simple words that will change your life
  • Why the universe wants to deliver wealth to you.
  • The 22 archetypes and why they have remained hidden in plain sight.

Imagine how you’ll feel when

  • You learn what’s been stopping you from the wealth you want
  • Specific practices and exercises that will deliver that wealth to you
  • You begin your transformation into a person who is capable of practicing magic.
  • You are more connected to Everything
  • You find yourself a safe community of fellow wizards
  • You reconnect to ancient ways of recognizing yourself and each other.

This event is for you if you want:

  • to learn real wizard skills that you can use with joy.
  • a deeper connection with source and don’t know how to get it
  • to know how to live, not just what to do
  • the instruction manual for life they forgot to give you when you were born
  • to know how the secret and invisible world works
  • to wake up to your own true Wizard Self

Here’s what people say about The Power of Magic:

It is about re-birth and transforming our lives a day at a time with tools of wisdom from Sage.
– Charlene Arrigale

Willingness + Joy = Transformation
– Tina Myers

This program uses vast knowledge, skills and resources that use group intention and power to create personal/individual change- more easily than we can do on our own.
– Carol Daly

A very unique, maybe even once in a lifetime experience everyone should try at least once.
– Brian Miller

This program is for you if you are ready to move forward in your life and let source be your gps.
– Deborah Oppenheim

Sage is masterful at providing the space and tools for transformation. This workshop is beautifully structured and open at the same time.
– Shellie Nelson

This helped me stretch my boundaries and reconnects two pieces of myself that had gotten buried.
– Leora

Sage is so genuinely following his calling! And provides a wealth of wisdom that just pours through him. He clearly embodies what he teaches. I trust Sage! Thank you! X0X
– Hannah Tunkel

A beautiful, lovingly thought out space for important life inquiry.
– Alex Iglecia

It’s happening only one time in 2016

November 11-13, 2016, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The event begins at 9am on Friday, and ends 6pm on Sunday.

Reserve your space now!

Still have questions?
 Email [email protected]  and we will personally answer your questions,

All is well,



More Testimonials from The School for Wizards:

Sage’s program is a powerful transformational weekend that will leave you feeling more connected to the divine, to the people in your life, to the community of people… and to yourself.

– Rachel Cooley

The program created a safe place to explore, discover, understand how I hold myself back… And I learned ways to empower myself to become action oriented… More present… More effectual… To do my big game, my dream, my vision.
– Samuel Schoonover

This program combines all the best ingredients – ritual, story telling, wisdom teaching, community all in a retreat setting, resulting in reminders of how connected and supported we are.
– Megan Walrod

So what have you got to lose? …but your cynicism, your fear, and the dullness of a Muggle life. Please register now and join me and your fellow wizards.

P.S. If you are even remotely contemplating doing this program, register now. There’s a full 100% money back guarantee.

“Frequently Asked Questions”

Is this for real?

Absolutely! Magic has been a part of the human equation for thousands of years, and it works. It’s just recently that science has begun to deny it. In the last few years, though, science has come around and is backing magical constructs.

Am I really a Wizard?

I believe you are, but one of the principles of wizardry is “know by your own experience.” So check in with yourself. If you are not resonating with your Wizard Self, then you probably aren’t ready for this training..

Are scholarships available?

A limited number of work scholarships are available. In exchange for doing some volunteer work for the School For Wizards, you can attend the event at lower, or reduced cost. However, with your “friend” discount, you are already getting a pretty magical deal. You also have the opportunity to sponsor someone else. Email sage [at] for more details.

Can anyone attend the school for wizards?

The School For Wizards is by invitation only. However, we believe in the laws of synchronicity. If you are looking at this page, then magic has gotten this page to you. Go ahead and Register for the class by clicking the yellow button above, and we’ll work out the details.