Guided by Unseen Forces

screenshot_135We worked with these two cards this weekend in the School for Wizards… These cards are so related. I’ve been guided by unseen forces when doing these cards, and I didn’t at first realize why I had to create the archangel Raphael (at the top of the card) in the form of Dionysus. Dionysus was the Greek god of, among other things—ritual madness, fertility,  theatre and religious ecstasy, and— as it turned out—was the god who popped out of the cracked Orphic Egg  (pictured just below him in the middle of the card) to begin creating the world. Some part of me knew that it was necessary because that little bit of wisdom had to be in the card as well, some part just below the surface.

How many times have you felt the call of something like this and ignored it? How many times have you paid attention to it? Post your answer below and let’s talk about it.