Divine Timing

“…everything that happens here happens not only for the purpose we give it, but as something arising from higher principles. The universe does not plan, nor do we do—we plan and the universe does. When we reverse this simple truth in our lives, we believe in problems, but the universe has no such problems.”

—from Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot by Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin

Divine timing is often used as an excuse for something not showing up the way or in the time frame that we expected it to show up. Few people actually look for what shows up, why it didn’t show up like they wanted it to, and what might be causing the result that is actually happening. What arrives might not be what you expected to show up, but it is what is showing up from the plans you made. 

Everything shows up on the earth plane by this same mechanism: Something larger creates what you’ve planned and you think is under your control. You think of yourself as an individual, but you are actually part of a whole that is part of a bigger whole, that is part of a bigger whole.

What you contribute is only part of the picture.

Keep your eyes open for something that is showing up at a higher level than you were thinking. (This is is the purpose of the law of attraction statement “This or something better”—so you can notice if something better shows up.) Sometimes divine timing has to destroy something that is not working to create something that does work. Often you will not see this. The thing that you planned might not happen, but the events that did occur were set in motion by your planning.

If it is not what you expected, then notice what you contributed that was unconscious. If you don’t know, then ask someone close to the situation what they think you did to help create the results that showed up. Also, notice what did show up. Often we wait around a long time for the divine, while the divine has already delivered what was asked for long ago. Keep your eyes open. Divine timing sometimes has to wait for natural processes to occur before it delivers what you asked for. If a child asks for something that is adult, often the divine will just wait for the child to grow into the adult (or mature child) that can handle it before delivering what was asked for.

Notice how something shows up. How is shows up is clearly indicative of your planning and the other things that are going on in the environment. What the universe can deliver is often shaped by the circumstances surrounding it. If you are in a war-torn city with machine guns in the street, you might not fill your event, unless it has to do with what is in the streets: stopping it, continuing it, working around it. In order to understand divine timing, you have to be acutely aware of your circumstances, but at the same time, not have your emotions controlled by them. Everything that happens here happens not only for the purpose we give it, but as something arising from Higher Principles.

When something doesn’t manifest in the timing we wish for it, it may be hung in one of the previous worlds. More on this in another post.