Card of the Day, Wheel of Fortune


10-Wheel-of-Fortune082815The card for today is the Wheel of Fortune, called in some decks, Fortune. The wheel of fortune, like The World card has guardians at the four corners of the card. These guardians are representatives of the four cardinal elements of the zodiac, Human/Aquarius, Eagle/Scorpio, Lion/Leo, and Bull/Taurus. This provides a ring of protection, or circle representing the entire zodiac. You can also think of these four characters on a personal level as a set of guardian spirits, who determine the lessons of Fortune we need to learn in this lifetime.

On the Wheel,  three characters spin, representing the triad Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu, the three-part Godhead of the Hindu tradition.

Inside, at the center, a set of 10 mysterious symbols rotate inside an orange wheel. If you are curious about what they mean and why they are there, comment here, and ask the question, and I’ll respond.

Also present in the card is the Sator Rotas Square, a Latin palindrome which is a wheel in itself, which reads the same right to left, and up and down. The meaning of Sator Arepo, Tenet, Opera, Rotas is “The sower works for mastery by turning the wheel.”

When you draw this card, you are being asked to notice your relationship to the universal principle of abundance wealth, and the expanding nature of the universe, both at the personal and cosmic level.

Ask yourself, “What is my relationship to wealth, abundance, and expansion?” Are you able to receive the gifts of the universe, or do you block them? Are you able to accept monetary or physical help or do you block it? Do you see the cycle of life, and can you accept that all of life works on a cycle or spiral? Your wealth is measured not only by your monetary accomplishments, but by the wealth of your influence and the gifts of love that are yours to receive.