Card of the Day: Tower

16-The-Tower082815When is the day ever right for drawing the tower card? And on Christmas day, to boot.

This Tower card shows us a whole new way to deal with crisis. The divers from the tower are naked (vulnerable) and diving with great beauty, instead of falling aimlessly. When a crisis happens, do you leap into the fall with skill and gusto, or are you flapping your arms in a useless pinwheel. If we learn nothing else from the divers, it’s that we can fall gracefully. We are going to have to hit bottom anyway… might as well do it with style.

There’s a greater skill in learning how to dive, other than looking nice while you are going down. It’s this: There WILL be changes that you need to endure, whether they come from the divine, or whether you instigate them yourself. No matter what, they will happen. An advantage to learning how to dive is to make sure you know how to hit the water. Another advantage is that there is some skill involved in diving, just as there is skill involved in navigating sudden, unexpected change in your business and life. Learning that skill makes getting back on your feet faster and more pleasant.

The lightning that hits the tower is in the shape of the lightning bolt of involution, the pathway spirit takes to matter. What is being released in the explosion are the 12 signs of the zodiac, indicating that no one is spared from this kind of strike. All persons will have to endure (or enjoy) the opportunity of suddenly remastering your life.

Who hasn’t had this cataclysmic change in your life or business. There are plenty of clues in the card about how to navigate the kind of changes brought about when the tower visits you. When you are knocked off your “high horse” when you are catapulted to a new level, when that deal falls through and you are headed in a completely new direction, it can be disorienting. It can also be one of the most refreshing things ever experienced.

Correspondences of the card:

Card number: 16

Ahh. Sweet 16. Do you remember when you were 16? Were there things that happened that year that seemed this cataclysmic. For some that’s true, and others not.

Numerologically, when you add the numbers 1 and 6 together, you get 7, which is the number of the chariot, the beginning of a journey that isn’t a journey in the traditional sense (because the chariot has no wheels). The Tower and the Chariot card are related, not only because a chariot can be a chariot of war, but because the Tower creates a stunning new reality that you need to set out to discover in your chariot.

Zodiac or Planetary association: Mars (Ares)

Mars of the Romans, or Ares of the Greeks, was a God for whom there was faint praise, even from Homer, who wrote war-praising Iliad. Ares was the legitimate son of Zeus and and Hera, though it is said he was hated by both parents. Ares’ companions were his twin sister Eris (Discord) and his assistants Fear and Panic. So why would such a quarrelsome God exist, and why should we appreciate his art of war. A Hindu myth states that the god of war (Called Karikeya) was created to slay a demon that could not be otherwise eliminated. Sometimes we need the chaos and shock of a quarrel to knock us out of our complacency.

Symbols unique to the card:

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