Card of the Day: The Lovers

6-The-lovers082815The Lovers card is the next stop in our journey. You have to understand that this card is not just about lovers, but the relationship between the masculine and feminine within you.

On the left, a man holds the sun. On the right a woman holds the moon. Above them floats the orphic egg, the symbol for the egg that birthed the universe. Above them floats the Archangel Gabriel, angel of healing. Behind them floats the sri yantra. These symbols are explained below.

6 is the number of the node (or sephirot) in the middle of the tree of life. It represents Christ Consciousness, or that part in all of us that is filled with limitless love and compassion for others. The lovers is not only about our relationships with others, but our relationship with the Christ Consciousness within each of us.

Zodiac or Planetary association: Gemini

Gemini is the astrological sign of the twins. Usually astrologers refer to these twins as the male twins Castor and pollux, but they were actually part of two sets of twins. Brother and sister Castor and Clytemnestra were the human children of King Tyndareus, and Helen of Troy and Pollux were the children of the Greek god Zeus. Together they represent the full range of masculine/feminine, human/divine.

Symbols unique to the card:  The lovers is not so much about a pair of lovers, but a set of three people, hence the sri yantra in the background. The Sri Yantra represents the union of Masculine and Feminine Divine.

The orphic egg is at the center. The orphic egg symbolizes the belief in the Orphic religion that the universe was born from a silver egg. First out of this egg, and described in an ancient hymn, was Dionysus, personification of light (and god of alcohol and spirits.)

Raphael wears the red robes and victory wreath of Dionysus as well as the wings of angel Gabriel.

When you draw this card, it means that you are reflecting on the relationship between the masculine and feminine within you, as well as your relationship—in your wholeness— to the divine. In business, it may mean that you need to repair a relationship, make a tough choice in your business, or pay more attention to the divine healing that is always present and trust that it will happen, no matter what occurs on the physical plane.


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