Card of the Day: The Hermit

9-The-hermit082815The Hermit reflects the principle of contemplation and alone-ness. The hermit shows the way to others by first being in contact with his own wisdom and understanding and being willing and able to share that with others. Does a version of the hermit live in you? Are you willing to share your wisdom with others and hold a light for them? The hermit archetype lives in you in the form of the one who holds space for others, and owns and recognizes the internal patterns of his or her own life.

The hermit knows him or herself, and is comfortable enough to be able to shine the light on others.

The hermit, in the form of a hindu Sadhu, or holy man, and dressed in yellow, holds the trident or trishula in his left hand, while in his right he holds a 6 pointed star that glows as if it’s a star in the sky. He stands on the top of twenty-two-hundred foot Mount Kailash, the most sacred mountain in Tibet and looks directly at the reader.

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