Card of the Day: The Hanged One

12-Hanged onePeople often say this card is challenging, especially because the imagery seems disturbing. A man hangs by one foot, tied to a stone beam. His head hangs down below the level of the earth. Disturbing, yes, but, you’ll benefit by getting curious about this card. The man’s head is glowing, and his arms are extended and free. Contemplating this card, you can ask yourself questions like: Why is the system he’s hanging from made of wood, metal, and stone? This card definitely has an element of sacrifice in it, but the card is perhaps suggesting that it may be time to look at things from a completely different (upside-down) view. How often in your business do you find yourself in a situation that seems to have no good solution? If that is the case, it might be time to tap into the wisdom of the Hanged One.

This is the card of the turn around, the sudden “aha” of inspiration. It’s the card of trying something new. When an important aspect of life has radically changed, voluntarily or involuntarily, we cannot think the same way. We must look at things from an entirely new perspective. The Tree, the metal cone, and the stone beam indicate both ancient standing stones (called dolmens) and the Hebrew letter Heh, meaning doorway. Try this experiment: Print the card image out and hold it upside down. The mood of the image changes completely. The man appears to be dancing on water. His arms are held victoriously upward, and light emanates from his head.