Card of the Day: The Emperor

4-The-emperor082815The card for the day is the Emperor. The Emperor represents the wise and individual leader, not only in the outside world where leaders are personified and projected upon, but inside us, where we meet the wise inner leader that we’ll learn more about below.

The Emperor wears a hat or helmet that is topped by ram’s horns—the zodiac sign for Aries. The sign of the ram-headed Egyptian God Egyptian ankh, Symbol of life and creation. His left hand holds his long beard which joins the water behind him. The Emperor wears red armor, protecting him from injury or damage. He sits on the perfectly square, black cube of truth. At his feet lies the sacrificial Ram.

In ancient days, the king, or son of the King were sacrificed at the vernal equinox, the season governed by the zodiac sign, Aries. Later, this process was modified to use a ram instead of a human sacrifice.

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