Card of the Day: The Devil

15-The-devil082815There are a few archetypes that almost universally upset people. This is one of them. Although, I admit that the devil card from the old Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck I had as a teenager fascinated me. It seemed so.. bad, and I was so.. good. It attracted me with it’s difference. In case you are among those who are upset by the leathery wings and the hairy haunches, I’ll do the secret reveal of this card right now: It’s light disguised as darkness.So what does this mean for you and your business? It means that things are not always as they seem. Sometimes the darkest moments are actually an opportunity for light to enter. We are vexed on the earth  plane by the devil so we can grow into light.

A man and woman hold up their wrists to show that they are chained to the devil. The man holds a sun in his right hand, and the woman holds a moon in her left hand. The Devil sits on a pillar with the young god Horus painted on it. The Devil has three faces, and he stuffs a human into one of them, devouring the human. Here is what to notice: The wrist bonds are pretty loose. The man and woman could get out of them easily if they wanted to. Instead they show us that they are bound to the devil. The devil in this card is actually the angel Uriel, angel of the earthly plane. Uriel’s job is to vex us, to test us, to present temptations and pleasures so that we grow our souls on earth. Each test that we survive makes us stronger. These are not the kind of tests in the book of Job, where Job is constantly tested in his faith, and is finally rewarded for enduring without changing his beliefs. Instead, this is the testing and honing of our selves by creating experiences that we can learn from. The devil reminds us that we can always ask, “what is the gift here that I have not yet seen?”