Card of the Day: Queen of Plates

Queen-of-PlatesThe Queen of plates represents the mastery of diet and nutrition. She is a simple woman, holding up a spoon. Behind her are all sorts of foods, from canned and boxed to an abundance of fresh fruit. The roses from the Fool card are visible at the top of the card, representing the senses. A placid pond is seen through her window.

The Queen of plates is the watery part of Earth. This means she’s conquered her emotional relationship to food. She is able to make smart choices about what she puts into her body, making sure the food is both delicious and nutritious. She has given up emotional eating, and represented by the roses on the top of the card, uses food and everything she ingests to be medicine for the spiritual forms of the senses.

She is about so much more than just good nutrition. The queen of Plates uses food as a spiritual path to freedom and a healthy body. She makes no judgements about body size or shape. She accepts everyone exactly as they are, and serves them what would be best for them.