Card of the Day: Page of Plates

Page-of-Plates-editToday I drew the Page of Plates. The youngest and palest of the Royalty in the suite of plates has lifted his plate off of the table and is contemplating it. Perhaps praying over it. Plants encroach on the space behind him. Are they shadows or are they plants. They overlap the window where, outside, even more tangled nature springs up. The shirt worn by the Page of Plates has zebra stripes on it.

The Page of Plates has the dominion of the entire season of winter. He represents the earthy part of earth. Winter is the season where the earth rejuvenates itself. No energy goes into the leafing of spring, the fullness of Summer, or the fruitful harvest of the Fall. Winter is where the earth gets to turn in on itself, hibernate and rest. In a sense this is the time when the earth is most pregnant with possibility, just like the youth in this card has the potential to be anything he wants to be. While he is clearly male, his features are androgynous, indicating the presence of masculine and feminine qualities of the Page of Plates. He is in touch with the wildness of nature, a wildness that interpenetrates everything within this card.