Card of the Day: King of Wands

king-of-Wands-editThe King of Wands is a randy fella. He comes to us in the figure of Zeus, the ever-horny King of the Gods. Zeus is most popular for spreading his seed far and wide, going to great lengths to chase down whoever he wanted to bed in the disguise of many many humans and animals.

When you draw this card you are asked to examine how desire and sexual energy shows up in your life. Do you allow it to be present, in powerful, respected god-like form, or do you deny it? When someone in your life shows up with this kind of sexual power, do you allow that energy to vibrate all three of your lower chakras, or do you push that energy away? The king of wands represents the quickening of sexual and desire energy, and is a necessary for you to become prosperous. The part that makes us money is the part that creates. Let Zeus in, for love’s sake.

The King of Wands is the Fiery part of fire, the essence of the uninvoked masculine. The rising of fire is the rising of desire.

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