Card of the Day: Ace of Plates

Ace-Disks-editHere, the Ace of Plates is rendered in textured cloth, reminiscent of needlepoint, or canvas broadcloth. It is the essence of feminine, earthly energy, the energy of the womb. There are 10 french knots around the perimeter of the plate, one for each point of the five-pointed, and six-pointed stars. (The top knot is shared by both the 5 and 6-pointed stars. Outside the plate is a faded representation of the Unicorn Tapestry, another crafted set of archetypes of the feminine mystery. Inside the plate are a 5, 6 and 7 pointed star, along with a black egg, indicating the complete seed of potential within this card that is ready at all times to burst forth with the power of life.

When you draw this card, you are asked to look inside to see what desires to manifest, or birth forth from you at this moment in time. Sometimes, it’s a simple act like donating to a worthy cause or making dinner for a friend. Sometimes it’s the first step towards creating something that changes the world. Remember, creation, like reproduction, happens naturally without effort, if you give it a chance.

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