Card of the Day: 8 of Wands

8-of-wands-editThe 8 of Wands represents Jupiter in Sagittarius. The movement of the king of gods and planets, Jupiter, through the swift and fun loving sign of Sagittarius. What better to represent this movement than the circus performer juggling 8 batons of fire. The shape of the fire torches creates the shape of the number 8, which, when seen on the side is the shape representing infinity. Behind him, the closed circus tent reminds us that this activity of skill and danger is best done outdoors. Close enough to be visible and entertaining, but not so close that anyone is burned. There is nothing that can make this activity one-hundred-percent safe, though the performer must practice long hours before the attempt is made to juggle with fire.

There is a big difference between a child playing with fire, who may be fascinated by the glow and end up getting burned, and the trained expert who can get the flaming wands into the air, juggle them, and then get them extinguished afterwards.

The common name for this card is usually swiftness, and swiftness is required in any juggling