Card of the Day: 8 of Swords

8_of_swordsA blindfolded woman strapped to a rotating dias trusts that swords cast from heaven will not harm her. One sword is in the air, hurtling toward her. Is this the moment just before she is killed or injured by the sword, or the moment before another sword lands safely on the rotating platform? Behind her, the surf pounds, and a great castle perches on the edge of a cliff.

When you draw this card, you are asked to examine how your fear of violent sadness or crisis affects your ability to move through the world. Have you volunteered your life energies, like the woman who has allowed her life to be risked for the entertainment of others. She’s voluntarily agreed to this state of things. The swords, instead of coming from a human standing before her are coming from on high. Ultimately, sadness, bad news, conflict or loss of power all come from a combination of what is coming from the most high, and the decisions we have made. There is no one to blame.

The woman is in this position because she has agreed to be there. She trusts ┬áno matter how bad it seems, that the swords that come from the most high are either threshing her or purifying her. It’s like this for all of us. It’s ┬áhard to trust in the moment, though, because, from behind our agreed-upon blindfold, all we can hear is the whizzing of the swords and the thud as they make contact with the board we are strapped to. It can be frightening to be witness to this, and we can often fear that more harm will come to us.

This is the card of Mercury in Gemini. Mercury, the planet of communication has rulership in the air sign Gemini. Often the swords cards like this one can signal the trouble that comes from overuse or misuse of the mind. Is the trouble we sense real or imagined? That is the question to ask here.


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