Card of the Day: 8 of Cups

8-of-cups-editThe eight of cups is the card of abandoned success. This is a project, relationship, or venture that you are walking away from. When you draw this card, it’s time to ask if the project you’ve been putting your energy into is worth continuing. Perhaps you have already walked away from it. In the card, a man stumbles across the banks of the River Lethe, headed away from mount Olympus. The glasses he’s leaving behind appear to be empty. It’s important to look at this card as leaving a project or endeavor without attaching either positive or negative judgement to it automatically. It could be that what you were putting your attention and intention into was not bearing fruit, and so it it may be a good thing to leave it. It could be that it must be left for reasons outside your control. If the decision is made to abandon the effort, please make sure you grieve it if that’s needed. It does you no good to pretend it doesn’t make any difference if, in fact, it does. Once you have grieved and said goodbye, though. Cross the river Lethe, the river of forgetting. Don’t put any more of your energy into it. There is one important change you can make to the river Lethe. Instead of crossing the river of forgetting, cross the river of forgiving. Remember what you need to to inform your future decisions, but let go of the demand that it would have been any different.