Card of the Day: 7 of Cups

7 cups flattened sm-editTraditionally, the 7 of cups is the card of illusion. It’s associated with Netsach on the tree of life, and is associated with our emotional self. Much of the work of the lifetime of growing a soul is in coming to terms with the emotional body, and releasing the traumas of the past where energy leaks from the present. As we grow older, we have more opportunities to participate in the illusion of phantasm, the insubstantial ghosts of the past that we still send our energy towards. Many people participate more and more in the past, and less and less in the present. When we pull this card, we have the opportunity to release the energies of the past, recognizing their illusory nature, as well as recognizing that the world of fanciful illusion allows us to create whatever we want from our imaginations.

There is also an even deeper alchemical meaning to this card. I wonder who wants to take a guess as to what the elements in 7 cups in the card represent? BTW, that’s a dragon in the 5th cup.

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